Troubleshooting Print Printer

Troubleshooting Print Printer

The slowness of printing on documents or articles is very annoying, when we work very uncomfortable with the incident, and by in that we take the time to write solutions and suggestions.Imagine if we open a computer rental or work in a company or Office until printing is slow and after that we may be Dehydrated unless the consumer is printing slowly.This slow print printer processing there are many factors that you must know them as follows: 

Because laptop / PC:Laptop or computer conditions Can cause slow printers in your prints are also required to melonjakkan performance of PC / laptop by replacing the processor and computer RAM, or Can be a problem with the operating system Windows / OS - there has been a lot of unused disk space until the virus.
Using the printer for a long time :

Configuring the printer is what we will use to overcome the slow printer to print, how tips and tips to put back the printer configuration?This may be a tip that you guys know that you do not ignore though these tips Can help your business. In this lesson is a Canon printer.

1. First please to open Canon printer application on your computer by preparing "dry time ink waiting" opens Control Panel -> Please choose the printer you want, and after that right click mouse and just select printer property, like picture below:

Image classification: how to solve a slow print printer

2. the next step will be presented with properties to see the printer menu and please maintenance Select then select the preparation Costum, then C Wen you must see the Costum settings.
Image classification: how to solve slow printer printing
Picture illustration: custom display settings
3. Next step you please Watt move the drying time of ink to the left, then please select OK.

Your printer is now ready for slow print to print documents without documents / jobs.

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