Windows Server 2008 R2 Update Issues along with Role Errors

Windows Server 2008 R2 Update Issues along with Role Errors

For once at that specific point, we are finding that some of our Windows Server 2008 R2 servers do not install Windows updates. Some servers may not even find any updates, along with other likely simply to reach the "Downloading ..." screen along with a never progress further. In addition we are likely to also get an annoying problem Server Manager; where the roles along with features is usually displayed, the window would be likely to be empty by using a message that simply said "Error".
After alot of research through various sources on the Internet, we have found This specific to be caused by a combination of a corrupt Trusted Installer along with corrupt or missing Windows Update Files. Althrough time comsuming, we have found the following solution:
First of all navigate to C:windowsservicing on the server with the problem. In here you will find the "Trusted Installer package files. the item consists of four files:
These need to be deleted along with replaced through a known working server.
Before you can do This specific you will need to stop along with disable the "Windows Modules Installer" service along with the "Windows Update" service. Copying these files over should replace the corrupt Trusted Installer. Keep these services in This specific state until after the next step.
Open the properties of C:windowsservicingPackages along with take ownership of the item. Note: NT SERVICETrustedInstaller is actually the current owner along with MUST be replaced afterwards.
Delete the contents of This specific folder.
at This specific point replace with the contents of C:windowsservicingPackages through a known working, up to date Windows Server 2008 R2 box. I found I had to copy through several servers to ensure I had all of the packages. Change the owner of C:windowsservicingPackages back to NT SERVICETrustedInstaller. Remember This specific is actually a local account on the Server, not the domain. Re-enable the "Windows Modules Installer" service along with the "Windows Update" service along with reboot the server.
You will know if the fix has been successful as Server Manager will load correctly displaying the Server Roles.
at This specific point run Windows updates.
If the problom persists the item is really possible you still need Windows Update file within the C: windowsservicingPackages folder. You can either go through the process again with luggage through another server or to run: Windows6.1-KB947821-V10-x64 through Microsoft. This specific install the System Update Readiness Tool with running a check in your luggage. A log file "c: windowslogsCBSCheckSUR.log" will be created to tell you what packages are missing.

Then you can simply copy them through another server or download the update through Microsoft along with extract the files you need using the "KBArticleNumber /X:C:ExtractedPackage" command. As I said before This specific can be time consuming, the server may require several reboots along with you need to keep running Windows Updates until your server is actually patched along with up to date.

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