Review of the Pre-production Trinus 3D Printer / Laser Engraver!

Review of the Pre-production Trinus 3D Printer / Laser Engraver!

It's finally here! My review on the Trinus from Kodama .inc
(The pre-production unit)

Thanks to everyone for being so patient.

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47 Responses to "Review of the Pre-production Trinus 3D Printer / Laser Engraver!"

  1. How would this handle printing something with larger pieces? For example could I print the pieces for this? If not then I would probably need a larger printer like the ROBO 3D R1 Plus.

  2. Георгий Тренин9 March 2017 at 09:01

    to solve the problem with z and y endstops modify gcode: instead of home all axis use home x then move x to 10 then home y and move y to 10 and after that z will home itself without problems

  3. Victor Vazquez9 March 2017 at 09:01

    They should make a CNC engraver so you can add it to the printer and make your own signs.

  4. Early version of Canon bubble jet also use lead screw to drive the print head.

  5. Hi Maker's Muse, i wonder if you had the chance to play with the also modular, Flux 3D printer designed by a team from taiwan?

  6. You forgot to mention, that the screws have bearings on their ends ( I mean the other ends than the ends where the Motors attach ), unlike what you´ve noticed earlier on the companys photos, where they had no bearings on these photos...

  7. thanks for this. I backed the trinus, and it'll be my very first 3D printer. I'm super excited to see the final product.

  8. David Berkowitz9 March 2017 at 09:01

    awesome, we would love to test and review on as well, can't hardly wait.

  9. it sounds like an eighties fax machine, kinda.

  10. Ive been waiting to see something in my email since I subscribed. Seeing the ad on kickstarter led me to your utube before you got the printer. Listened to your first thoughts on it. Then watched you put the printer together. I just now saw it . I had been getting them in the email but never did on this one. Ive been researching 3d printers for awhile. All your comments on the Trinus have convinced me. This will be my first 3d printer.
     Having missed the kickstarter, How long will it be before we can order?
    Great going Young man! Really informative. You know your 3d printers!!

  11. I'm new to this 3D printer world, one concern I have is the potential for toxic fumes being released during printing. Is my concern warranted?

  12. RobotDigg is already selling this same printer. Does Trinus actually make this printers or are they just reselling a generic one from China? If they're resellers, why was this even on Kickstarter?

  13. Great review. Im ordering tonight. By the way do you know of any good 6 axis robot arms? Im wanting to get into scara or traditional 6 axis. less than $1k usd

  14. Have you been able to try out the Laser addon to this printer? Still on the fence about pre-purchasing this printer.

  15. Sensei Frazier9 March 2017 at 09:01

    I am perfectly new to 3D printing. I am starting a STEM school. My background is mathematics not engineering so learning curve to 3D printing for me has a large initial slope. After nervous research and reviews I ordered the Monoprice 113860 Maker Select Entry Level Heated Build Plate 3D Printer YESTERDAY.

    I was so impressed with your review of Trinus 3D printer I am pre-ordering it at this very hour. It appears the Trinus printer may not arrive before September but I am sold that this will be a beneficial investment for my students. As you said, the Trinus fits the bill as a great starter 3D printer.

    I want to start working with 3D printing this summer so I will not cancel the Monoprice 113860 Maker just to get my hands dirty. I have subscribed to you channel and look forward to more of your insights on printing. I still feel overwhelmed by what I must overcome quickly in order to teach students who may know more than I do but I feel it is all worth the feelings of inadequacy.

  16. what sized filament does this use?

  17. Biggest thing I like is that it's modular. Buy what what you need when you need it and save money by building it yourself, much like a pc

  18. Hello, Angus
    If possible could you make a 3D model design tutorial with the Repetier host software?
    Unless the Repetier can only import already made 3D models and convert them to G-code ?
    I'm very new to 3D printer and i will definitely be buying Trinus but before that i would like to atleast
    know a little bit of modelling. If there are good software out there that i could use to model, let me know, please.
    Thanks for this video by the way. i have been very skeptical about getting my own 3D, thought i need one.
    this video confirms my final decision.


  19. Benedict Buddy9 March 2017 at 09:01

    It is a mandatory to turn on my pc all the time for printing?thanks :)

  20. DONT BUY THIS BULLSHIT 3d printer. I ordered it, waited 4 months, and after they missed their delivery date in sometime in 9/2016. The end of 9/2016 I repeatedly requested tracking information with no answer., A week later 10/4/2016 I received this email from the FOUNDER OF TRINUS-KODAMA. " Let me be a bit direct here; even you´re the customer, I find it inappropriate how you put my staff under pressure.
    I have been on your side, sure you expect something, but a KS project and related pre-orders are not amazon!

    Believe me, we are taking customer care very serious, I even worked 5years for AppleCare, but we don’t tolerate BS and unnecessary pressure."

    Michael, if you don't want pressure, don't be in business. If you think it's acceptable to respond to customers in the way you said, "we dont tolerate
    YOU created the time line commitment. It's YOUR responsibility to meet it. Otherwise, you face the consequences of dissastified customers contacting
    you when YOU didnt meet your deadline.

    you and your staff have NOT sent me VALID TRACKING INFORMATION. Which is what I requested and 1 week after the promise of sending out on Thursday
    9/29/2016, STILL no valid tracking information.

    I've purchased on ebay/amazon many times. I obviously didnt expect the same ship time, because their ship times are reasonable.
    When is it ever 4 months wait time for delivery on amazon/ebay? Do you think that's a reasonable comparison between my expectations?

    Is that what Apple you think would have found acceptable?
    Is that what Apple you think would have done?
    And telling a customer that they are giving you "inappropriate pressure" when you miss your shipment date?
    You are clueless how to run a successful business.

    You repeat what you said to me to any other potential client, you will lose business left and right.
    Don't believe me.

    Cancel my order and return my money.

    Had anyone ever responded as you did to an actual Apple customer, you would have been immediately FIRED.
    Don't brag about Apple, when I KNOW full well working their what would have happened. That's pathetic.
    Your attitude and your ignorance you demonstrated in your email is unacceptable. ESPECIALLY from someone who is supposedly the founder.


  21. Ghirmay Mesfun9 March 2017 at 09:01

    I would rather get a Tiko

  22. You could make lots of miniatures

  23. The75thContinuum9 March 2017 at 09:01

    If I were thinking about getting into 3d printing what would you recommend for around $400 that has a decent sized bed

  24. Sini mini mini Maresch9 March 2017 at 09:01

    Nice video

  25. this is an incredibly smart built. i wondered when someone was going to do a true linear rail build with lead screws...which makes it much more rigid build than most 3d printer builds...the only thing that bothers me is the small print bed. THank you for an awesome review

  26. Hi Angus, Have you done torture tests on te trinus yet ? I'd really like to get your feedback on it.Thanks, Gilles

  27. Julie Detriech9 March 2017 at 09:01

    Could anyone post prints using this 3d printer? Cheers!

  28. Basilis Skiadas9 March 2017 at 09:01

    Hi! I have absolutely no idea about 3D printing, but it looks interesting and quite useful in some cases.
    I was very interested in aluminum PLA, in one of your videos you showed that it can't be smoothed (and get good results).
    Would you recommend it? Also, can you make a total noob guide series about 3D printing?
    (Software, materials and recomendations)

  29. I kind of like the sounds that the trinus makes, sounds like of like robots from a science fiction film...

  30. watching account4youtube9 March 2017 at 09:01

    Can you review the mod t 3D printer from new matter?

  31. I thought you were keanu reeves for a sec.

  32. Christoph Laimer9 March 2017 at 09:01

    with a .2 mm nozzle, will this printer be able to print small details? e.g. a .4 mm thick wall, or sharp corners with .2 mm radius.

  33. Protomaker Black Sprint Original 3D Printer9 March 2017 at 09:01

    14:50 What causes the pop marks on the body of the print, is it moisture in the filament?

  34. Felipe Acevedo9 March 2017 at 09:01

    Thanks Angus thanks to your review, I now pledged for a Trinus 3D printer.

  35. Thanks for your info mate, have now backed Trinus and added the heated bed........nice

  36. Forgot to say in my last comment, the reason for my getting this machine is to print flexible parts which are small with ninjaflex..

  37. +Maker's Muse I wonder if changing from the arduino-based electronics to something like the Replicape might help with the noise? My kossel mini used to be loud on a RAMPS. Replicape with the stealthchop is very very quiet. Only noise now is the fans... Maybe something for Kodama to look into?

  38. Seems like a great printer but the noise is horrible and I thought my i3v was bad :/

  39. Brett Armstrong9 March 2017 at 09:01

    According to Polymaker there Poly-Plus has some magic in it that lets it extrud at 250-280c, interesting all the polycarbonate I've used needs 280-300c. Angus you so need to review some of this filament.

  40. BaczoniNorbert9 March 2017 at 09:01

    Thank You! That was wery helpfull!

  41. I think it would be cool if you did a built the cherry printer on instructables, it's about $70 to make your self. this would be super educational to every one and it could help a lot of your viewrs get into 3d printing! hope you can do it.

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